MS in Applied Mathematics

Aims & Objectives: The Master in Applied Mathematics is an evening programme beneficial to both engineering and science graduates having completed 16 years of education. The motivation in initiating the programme is to encourage multi-disciplinary research by offering opportunities for higher studies to fresh graduates as well as experienced graduates employed in industry and other professional sectors, and to provide a route towards a Ph.D degree to those desiring to do so.

Realising the requirements of educational, professional institutions and organisations, mathematician with computing skills would be an attractive proposition to potential employers. The structure of the programme has been designed in a manner such that the applicants have the option to completing this programme through course work only, course work and an individual study project or course work with dissertation.

Structure: In this programme the candidates shall undertake six compulsory courses of 15 credit hours including one non-credit hour course i.e. Scientific Computing. The remaining 15 credit hours are to accumulated from elective courses of the candidate’s choice depending upon the field in professional life he/she desires to enter. The elective subjects have been divided into three groups each related to a particular field.

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Engineering Mathematics

Candidates completing this programme will have the opportunity to serve within education, industry and financial institutions etc.

Course Outline:

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics(MSAM)

List of Ph.D Courses